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Flowers Girls in Thailand

Promotions February 2, 2012

Do you have a favorite model and want to send her some flowers? We can arrange flowers for her for valentine but we need to get the order before 10 February 2012.  Just tell her name and if you have a Facebook page or other contacts and we will contact her in Thai.

We welcome flowers orders to normal Thai girls as well off course and if you use our flower discount coupon, you will get 50 free translated SMS from Sms Thailand.

Use the Coupon “prett” and you will get 50 SMS ahead of Valentine the 14 February and you can send your friends lovely SMS.

The price from this florist is the best in the market, they are the only one that have 99 Roses for $99. Only this Thai online florist can send flowers to Pretty girls in Thailand for that price.

Here is the link for florist


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