Thailand into Fashion Center of ASEAN


The Thailand Textile Institute is set to propose a 300 million baht budget in order for it to transform Thailand into the fashion center of the ASEAN region.

Executive Director of the Thailand Textile Institute Suttinee Poopaka has disclosed that the institute is currently mapping out a plan to develop the Thai textile and garment industry for the period of 2012-2016 to brace the country for the upcoming ASEAN establishment and the competition from the global market. The plan focuses on promoting Thailand as a regional fashion hub by using public relations strategies and enhancing the country’s production capacity.

Ms. Suttinee added that the institute is planning to ask Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to be the campaign’s presenter given that the PM constantly dresses elegantly with Thai fabric, making her the most appropriate person for the position.

The project is expected to commence next year under a budget of 300 million baht, which will be used in the development of the country. Currently, the project’s name remains to be decided; however, one of the proposed names include “Thailand Blooming Textile Fashion”, among others.

The development plan for the Thai textile and garment industry (2012-2016) is divided into two sections: industrial textile and garment, and artisan textile and garment. The objective of the development plan is to transform Thailand into a regional trade center, as well as to develop industrial and artisan textile and garment, design textile and garment for useful and efficient purposes, create diversity and be environmental friendly. The goal is expected to be achieved by 2016.

Ms. Suttinee commented that Thailand is ready to become one of the three Fashion Capitals of Asia. So far, Thailand’s industrial textile and garment sector boasts a total export value of over 2.4 billion dollars to the ASEAN region, with an average growth of no less than 8% per year. Meanwhile, the Thai artisan textile and garment sector holds a record of no less than 500 million dollars in export value to the global market with an annual growth rate of above 12%. On the other hand, the sector has also generated at least 10 billion baht from domestic sales.

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