Warning for Mr Legend fake Model Hunter

We like to warn people for a person with this email “heetpuroh@yahoo.ca” he used to have username ” heeatdave” but we deleted it.

He also goes under the name of ” gianny” with the adress

1579 blurry



h91 2×2

and the website http://www.highwayhome.com.

He claims this website is a website for fashion but is just a directorty.

We asked in 10 emails after real name and real email but he sent us a rocket mail


He said that “Mr Legend” Mr.legend is a president of legend inc and gave us this answer.

All the listing you see on on the web site they are under one umbrella doing marketing on there own and are working for us. one way or another all the list of category you see they are some of our client. Legend inc is a scouter,promoter,producer,director,caster,and marketer,because all those company do the marketing on they own we stay low profile.we are a international company having Clint all a round the world. Mr legend have a name in business, our model are personally selected by Mr legend and are ready for any challenge of work,and sine to a good contract.the email i send is Mr.legend’s.if you are interested in casting or have any question let me know.send me the detail we ask in the last mail.if you are not confident in us do not reply.

thank you.

As you can see he can hardly spell and anybody that calls themselves “Mr Legend” should get help.

He probably contacted a few models on this websites and we want to warn you not to give any information to him.

We like to take this opportunity to tell people that are not “in the business” to stay away from our website. We will publish your name and shame you if you find your fraudulent. If you commit any crime we will help the Thai Police and FBI to hunt you down. Members on this website can always contact us if they feel someone is not professional.

February 22, 2011 22:10