Welcome to Prettygirls Thailand

Until a few years ago, many pretty girls in small towns in Thailand dreamed of becoming air stewards on Thai airways. Today it seems, if they don’t want to work at AIS, ITV or soap opera or CEO of a multinational company, or a stay-at-home mother (the toughest job of them all), they dream of becoming super-models. We are at the office are not supper models but we have some advice for you before you enter the business.

Never, never, never, never give up!

First, like so many glamorous jobs, being a model also means a lot of hard, exhausting work, with long hours, jet lag caused by frequent changes in time zones, and being away from family and friends. It also means being prepared for a lot of rejection, having people around you discussing your body and looks (and often being very critical) as if you could not hear them, and trying not to become obsessed about your looks. Later, if you become successful, beware of getting a swelled head, and remember who your REAL friends are.

Obviously if you are 5’2″ tall and weigh 150 pounds, you are never going to make it as a runway model. However, there are endless stories of models that had problems that supposedly precluded them ever-finding work. Isabella Rossellini was close to 40 when she began her career as a model, she’s short, buxom, and has thick knees, but did anybody notice that in her ads for L’Oreal or when she did a runway show for Dolce e Gabbana? Janice Dickinson, top of the eighties, was told her lips were too large and her looks too “ethnic.” Who ever dreamed that Kate Moss would make it? In Thailand there is many options besides becoming a super model and lots more opportunities then other countries. Maybe you never make it to the top 10 but at least you came close trying.