Work as a Model in Thailand

Attitude. Living in Thailand or coming here will hopefully teach you to be polite and pleasant. Being polite and pleasant to everybody, no matter what his or her position, cannot be stressed enough. This does not mean you have to become a rug and let everybody walk over you, but it means treating people with respect and expecting them to treat you with the same respect. If an art director has to choose between two equally beautiful models, the job will go to the good-natured girl. When going on location nobody wants to spend days or weeks with a whiny, complaining, neurotic woman.

Punctuality. One problem with Thailand is that is “sabai Sabai” to come late, I cannot stress this enough; it is not ok to come late to a shoot. Making people wait for you indicates that you do not have respect for them or their time. Get in the habit of arriving 10 minutes early for every appointment, even if it is for a go-see. Especially when it is a go-see. You will not have to do that when you hit the top, but then, you will not last long at the top if you start giving yourself airs.

Passion. You must really like to be a model and not only doing it for the free tickets, nice cars and all the money in the world. You must really like it and know everything there is to know about it. There is always some one else waiting to take your place. Do not limit yourself to fashion per se, visit museums, art exhibits, galleries, and train your eye. If there is time on location, shoots visit the points of interest as well as the discos.

Future. Modeling is not usually a lifetime career. Take advantage of your exposure to people and get to know as many as you possibly can. You never know when somebody you have met could be the key to your future. Collect business cards and personal information be sure to keep contact trough email or telephone when you out travling.

Professionalism. Modeling is one of those jobs that require on-the-job training, nobody and no school can really teach you how to be a model. You have to get in front of the camera, or hit the runway, and gain experience. The name of the game is selling clothes, and some of the most successful models have been those who had a feeling for the garment they were wearing, who took special care to show it off in the best possible way. Let us face it, it is all about selling the product and models are used to help sell the product. When you have the chance, watch other models work with photographers, there is always something to learn, about lighting, about makeup, about movement, about attitude

Take Care of Yourself It’s your body, and your life. Most models have to watch their diet, but avoid using legal and illegal drugs to help. That includes cigarettes. They will show up on your face sooner than you think. Keep active, eat healthy, and get plenty of sleep. Have fun, but use your common sense.

Sense of Humor. Having a sense of humor and keeping your perspective are important, as well as having your priorities straight. Sexual harassment exists, and a sense of self-worth and humor can usually defuse unwelcome situations.

Know When to Leave the Party As my daddy used to say, “Always leave the party at its height.” Being a model exposes you to all kinds of people and opportunities: it’s up to you to take advantage of the right ones. But it doesn’t last forever, and it’s better to switch jobs when you’re at the height of your career rather than face the disappointment and depression that comes with sliding down the other side of the slope.

You are Interested
If you have read this far, it means you are really interested. Do not waste your money on modeling school. Get a job on Saturday. It is helpful to work, at least for a while, in a boutique or department store to learn something about clothes. You do not need to spend money for photographs good color snapshots close-up and full figure are more than enough. The agencies see thousands of young women every year and can usually tell even without looking at your photos if you have possibilities. Do not be discouraged if the first agency turns you down, not every top model was accepted the first time. However, if ten agencies turn you down perhaps you should look elsewhere. If you love fashion, there are many other jobs to consider stylist, designer, photographer, makeup artist, hair stylist, fashion editor.